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Gold Sand Construction has more than 10 years

of construction experience. Let us help you

make your dreams reality.

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We are a premium quality construction outfit
dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.

We are committed to providing a stellar level
of customer service that is simply unparalleled
ensuring a one on one personal experience.

Gold Sand Construction will manage your
project’s every need in a timely and professional
manner from launch to job completion.

Our History // story behind our success

Our Solemn Promise

It is the ultimate and supreme goal of Gold Sand Construction to provide each and every single one of our customers with the utmost positive, pleasant, educational and stress-free experience with sheer responsibility and accountability. And we vow to make absolute certain that each and every single one of our customers feels just how valued they truly are.

Our Humble Beginnings

In 2004, Gold Sand Construction was started with one goal in mind; to help others build their dreams and develop their goals. The company name, Gold Sand Construction came from a single minded concept; each project we encounter will be handled as the value of gold yet delivered at a modest price. Starting up during an economic downturn took a lot of work. With determination, motivation, and our company motto “premium quality at affordable prices”, we survived where many other companies had failed. Proudly, we continue to serve the community on the same foundation this company was founded on.




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